No Guesswork Needlework

Unique tapestry kits - All hand printed and accurate to the canvas

We love tapestry and crafting…

We’re a small, independent family-run business at Brigantia, and needlework and tapestry is all we’ve done for more than 60 years now.

Today, nothing makes us happier than sharing our passion for beautiful needlework, beginning with our unique ‘no-guesswork’ tapestry kits made using the finest British yarns.

Lovingly printed by us, by hand, the special way we make our kits isn’t just different to everyone else – it actually guarantees a pattern that always perfectly matches the canvas.

That means they’re easier to stitch and more satisfying to complete than other tapestries. Best of all though, it means that whether you’re a total beginner or a natural with needles, your finished masterpiece will look like a true work of art!