T1646 Victorian Roses Tapestry Bell pull kit

15cm x 95cm (6" x 37")

£49.99 Post Paid

  • Hand printed colour canvas - accurate to the stitch
  • Pure wool yarn spun and dyed in Yorkshire
  • Worked in easy cross stitch on 7.5 holes per inch canvas
  • Contains needle and full instructions
  • Includes backing fabric

Stitched in easy to learn Cross Stitch tapestry on 7.5 hole per inch canvas. The canvas is hand printed with every stitch coloured to match the wool in the design, so no more guesswork.

We use soft, smooth pure wool yarn which is pleasant to handle when stitching and makes a beautiful finished bell pull. When the stitching is completed there is no need to stretch or block the tapestry as cross stitch always leaves the canvas as square as when you started.

The kit makes a bell pull 6" x 37.5" (15 x 95cm).