Have ever wished that you could have your own tapestry of a subject that's important to you? Now you can.

Our Design Studio can produce anything that is capable of being made into a tapestry. For many years now there have been services that will scan a picture and send you a chart of the design, usually in black and white. If you've ever seen one you will know how unsatisfactory they are.

It's exactly the same problem as mass produced canvases, machines can't think. A scan will try to convert an image into blocks of colour not a picture. This leaves stray dots of colour all over the place and often gives little impression of the original.

Collie tapestry kit produced from customers photograph

To put it simply, to create a picture you need an artist and this is exactly what we have. When you send us an image to make into a tapestry it is converted into a true likeness by a real person. This means that all the characteristics that make your dog, scene or chosen person unique are captured faithfully.

When you entrust us with your memories it won't be on a take it or leave it basis. We will send you a copy of the artwork for your approval and only when you are happy with the result will we take it to production.

It goes without saying but we'll say it anyway. Your finished tapestry will be printed in colour exactly to the thread on your chosen count of canvas. So don't wait. Send your picture now for a free no obligation quote.

Tapestry picture of a caravan created from a customers photograph

In the past we have produced everything from a major tapestry project for Canterbury Cathedral to individual pictures. These range from designs to commemorate lost friends or pets through to local scenes or homes.

All you have to do is ask. Contact us to give us an idea of what you would like and we will send you a free no obligation quote.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have used this service but unfortunately not enough space to show all of them. Our gallery page shows just a small sample to inspire you with ideas.

Remember it costs nothing to request a quote and you could soon have a completely personal tapestry picture, seat cover or cushion for your home.