Pure Wool Tapestry Kits of Dogs

T1956 Border Collie
11" x 8", 29cm x 20cm

£19.79 Post paid

T1866 Labrador
11" x 8", 28cm x 20cm

£19.79 Post paid

T1687 Golden Retriever
12" x 16", 30cm x 42cm

£43.99 Post paid

T1650 Cocker Spaniel
12" x 16", 30cm x 41cm

£43.99 Post paid

T1900 Foxhound
12" x 15", 29cm x 42cm

£40.99 Post paid

Stitched in easy to learn Tent stitch on 10 hole per inch canvas. The canvas is hand printed with every stitch coloured to match the wool in the design, so no more guesswork. A colour chart is also included to help when stitching in artificial light.

Tent stitch is easy to learn and gives excellent coverage of the canvas.

We use Brigantia pure wool tapisserie yarn which is pleasant to handle when stitching and ensures a perfect result.